1. Tapecaster

    Meta Crafter Suggestion - Full System

    Meta Crafter Suggestion As this system will introduce "Dono-like" rewards, I wanted to be sure to not hurt the dono store that supports our shard but rather enhance it. The goal of the Meta Crafter is to introduce a system to reduce and recycle our abundance of resources on this shard while...
  2. I

    WTB meta dragon egg

    buy any color DM discord INSENG4#6997
  3. Avarice

    WTS Level 5 Meta Steed Mammal

    CURRENT BID: 35m all gold NO BO **Sale will go to the highest bidder** **Auction Style Sale Ends 9/8/19 at 11:59PM Central Time** **Good Luck** Level 5 Meta Steed Mammal Hue: Newspaper (pic coming soon) Relics: Level 5 Gold Relic & Level 6 Paralytic Meta Stone included preferred Items...
  4. roxju6

    WTB Dispersion Relic

    Want to buy dispersion relic, pm me here or at Stevenson#8266
  5. M

    WTB Meta Spider!!!

    WTB meta spider LVL 6 or 7 NO RELICS!!!!!
  6. roxju6

    WTS Level 7 Meta Dragon (Ghost Hue)

    Just got first rollover, 910/806/104/559 if you want to apply. Level 10 QS Level 10 Molten Level 8 Nox(leveled since post) Ghost Hue : 971 14mil OBO Stevenson#8266 Price Reduced!
  7. TreeBeard

    Provo/Ranger Ideas

    i keep seeing alot of efforts go into builds that take an aweful lot of money to get started with such as Meta builds and taming but not much into everything else. I personally would like to see some additional content that backs some of the other builds so that they are not just a stepping...
  8. Meu

    WTS WTS Meta spider

    Red hue meta spider level 6 brood finished dessicate 100/200 im basing the price as if powerscrolls are 120k average 10m for spider 18 for brood 12 for dessicate 40 mil total comes with meta stone. PM on discord at Meu#0890 if interested
  9. Pesmergas

    WTS WTS LVL 7 972 Hue Meta Dragon, 4x relics and Meta Stone[SOLD]

    WTS LVL 7 972 Hue Meta Dragon, with 4x Relics and Meta Stone. No roll overs. Will not sell without Meta Stone. SB: 17m INCR: 100k BO: 20m Auction will be over 48 hours after last bid has been made or buy out has been met. EDIT: Auction will be over 24 hours after last bid has been made or buy...
  10. zorgulg

    Buying Meta Dragon egg

    PM me with color and price, You can also contact me on discord at Farghed/Zor'gulg#4660
  11. G

    WTS WTS Molten Relic

    WTS Molten Relic for 3M. Please contact via pm. Will try to add discord link in a few hours.
  12. Pesmergas

    WTS WTS LVL 5 META STEED 21M!!! [SOLD!!!!]

    LVL 5 Newspaper hued meta steed with BT and Para Relics. Message me on Discord D'sparil#6766 to buy it.
  13. Pesmergas

    WTS Level 5 Meta Steed with BT and Para Relics Auction(canceled)

    S/B 18m B/O 21m Inc 250k Hue 2500(newspaper) PM D'sparil#6766 for B/O Auction ENDs Monday 11SEP17 at 1:00PM EST