RunUO End of Life?

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Don Key

It means nothing to UOF.

It only means that if there are any bugs in the core that the developers here would have to fix them on their own.

Lord Hampton Royce

runuo is not going to be updating, releasing, or building any new software or anything for that matter.

they are keeping their server up. all their information is going to be online, so razor will still be available for download but no updates will be released.

most servers run on RUNUO server structure, meaning they wont be updating their servers.

in short - it means nothing to UOF, and nothing to anything.

it means RUNUO has finally realized their work isnt worth their time.


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Let me start by saying that runuo is NOT dead. Ryan has NEVER been the one that updated runuo. Mark has been doing all the updates for years and when Mark left RUNUO official servers/website he took the source code with him and has been and is still maintaining and updating runuo which is headed to 2.6.

The new updated official runuo source code that is updated can be found here. along with the latest update towards razor which is also maintained and updated by Mark.

So to reiterate runuo is not dead and even if it were dead this does not mean that all the private servers will die. Every server has it's own development team and does not need the runuo team (that hasn't existed in 5+ years) to keep their server going.

This is what developers are for ladies and gentlemen.
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