Guide: Boats and Ships


Boats & Ships

Boats and ships can be purchased from NPC Shipwrights at most city's docks. They very in price according to the type and size of vessel. These are the only means to travel the seas and for fisherman, the only way to fish in the deep sea.

Sailing Commands

These are used to sail your boat once it is placed on the water (to be spoken outloud):
  • Raise Anchor - Raises the anchor and readies the boat to move
  • Lower Anchor - Drops to anchor and stops the boat from moving anymore
  • Forward - Moves the boat forward at full speed, until you tell it to stop
  • Forward One - Moves the boat forward one square
  • Forward Slow - Moves the boat forward, except slowly
  • Back - Moves the boat backward at full speed
  • Back One - Moves the boat back one square
  • Back Slowly - Moves the boat backward, slowly
  • Right - Moves the boat to the right
  • Left - Moves the boat to the left
  • Stop - Stops the boat from moving, until you tell it which way to go
  • Turn around - Makes the boat turn around to face the opposite direction
  • Turn Left - Turns the boat to face the left of your current direction
  • Turn Right - Turns the boat to the fact right of your current direction
  • Remove Name - Removes the name off the boat

Beginning Jan.17,2014 and lasting until the Expansion, the new boats, cannons, and ship repair tools will be available for purchase on all Shipwrights for RIDICULOUSLY cheap prices... BUT the purpose of these low prices is to give players the opportunity to buy these boats and play around with them for a while before the expansion (where they will be far more expensive) so (1) you can practice using these boats with far less risk attached (considering that there will be much more significant risk after the prices go to their normal level) and (2) we will have a chance to get feedback from everybody and possibly tweak some things before the boats officially go live on the server for the expansion.

IMPORTANT: When the expansion is implemented (scheduled for this Saturday) and the boat prices go up to what we believe is an appropriate level (100,000's of gold or more, probably) ALL of these "cheap" boats, cannons, and ship repair tools WILL BE DELETED (you are basically renting until the expansion)

For the duration of the event ONLY the new boats will be cheaper AND only the new boats can be sunk (BUT when the expansion arrives, old boats WILL be sinkable and therefore YOU WILL WANT TO DRYDOCK YOUR OLD BOATS BEFORE SATURDAY!)
All right, now that we have got that out of the way, here are the details regarding this initial release of the new boat combat system:

  • Boat deeds and Dry-docked boats will now be blessed. This is due to the (soon to be) very high cost of the boats, and the fact that boats are now sinkable (see below), so we believe the risk of using a boat should not involve the risk of the deed or dry-docked boat being stolen. NOTE that pre-patch dry-docked boats and deeds are NOT blessed (until you place and dry-dock your boat again).
  • Notoriety:
    If there are ANY aggressor (i.e. grey to a particular player), criminal or murderer players on-board a boat, then firing on that ship is NOT considered a criminal action. Otherwise (even if no player is on-board) it is considered a criminal action. Firing back at a ship without any aggressors on it (from the point of view of the person firing) will be considered a criminal action and killing the blue players on board will result in murder counts... BUT the criminals can sink the ship (not killing the players) without getting any murder counts. i.e. Murderers can only defend themselves against the players attacking them directly if those players attack them first directly--e.g. by casting spells on them. BUT if players are only firing cannons, the only way to defend yourself as a Murderer or criminal without getting murder counts is by fighting with cannons.
  • The repair kit will work like the cannons--a gump that involves the player having to specifically pick out the right repair tiles. It will not be possible to repair a boat faster than it takes damage given equal numbers on both sides (i.e. repairing will be slightly slower than cannon damage).
  • When a boat is severely damaged (~30% health left), the ropes will turn red (or the planks will pop out in the older boats) and anybody can board the boat. This means you could lose anything in the hold or your corpse could get looted.
  • When a boat sinks, a gump will pop up to everybody on that boat, explaining what happens with the sunken boat (as described below) and offering a chance to be booted to a "stranded" position based on where the boat sunk. Players can always use the help-stuck option through the Help button on paper-doll if they are dead and on a boat.

    When a boat is sunken, the owner of the boat receives a blessed ransom note in their backpack. They have 15 minutes to use the note and decide between 2 courses of action:
    • They can pay a ransom of 10% the boat cost to those who sunk their ship. 80% of this ransom money is split between all players who damaged the boat (scaled by how much damage they did), the other 20% disappears into the gold sink
    • They can attempt to rescue their boat. If they decide this route, everybody who damaged the boat is informed of it. They then have 1 hour to sail out and fully repair the boat. Only the owner of the boat (the original placer) can use the repair toolkit on the sunken boat at this point in order to reclaim the ship, and they must repair it fully (i.e. back to 100 hit points). The boat cannot be re-damaged during this time (which means the owner may venture several attempts at rescue, each time getting closer to repairing it to full). After the hour is up, anybody can attempt to repair the boat--whoever performs the final repair "captures" the boat--i.e. gets the boat model in their backpack. Thus, the inital owner has the opportunity to venture out to "win" the boat back, but if they fail, the enemy can COMPLETELY capture the boat themselves.
  • Boats that are fully sunk can't be freely walked around on (or recalled to)... this means access to the hold or corpses on the boat could be limited.
  • You cannot dry-dock a damaged boat (it must be fully repaired first).
  • When a sunken boat is repaired (placing a dry-docked boat in the last person to repair it's backpack), everything in that boat's hold is lost.
  • Initially, there will be no resource required for using cannons, though we may reconsider this.
For those of you who missed the first boat event and testing, when you use a cannon, there is a (?) button that explains how it works. BEWARE that when there are more than 1 powder tiles stacked on each other, the BOTTOM tile is the one that is selected (so be careful when there is a black tile underneath a gold one or something like that).

We will likely run a couple "King of the Hill" type events during this time to encourage players to venture out to a particular area and engage in boat combat in an effort to stay in the area longer than your competitors.


Can you mark runes onto your boat? Or must everyone board from land before sailing? What happens when the last person recalls off of the boat?


Can you mark runes onto your boat? Or must everyone board from land before sailing? What happens when the last person recalls off of the boat?
You have to use the key as the recall rune. Cast recall or gate and target boat/ship key. You cannot mark a rune to your boat.


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But what if I only want to roam the see freely? Aren't you content enough with the pvp you have on land? Do you also have to go cowboying around in the sea? Just leave the Fisherman boat as it is and do whatever you want with war boats. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR