1. Woogity Boogity


    PM me Discord: Ulfhednar#1987
  2. Decoy

    WTS -

  3. Decoy

    WTS Shield Bash Relic - 3.9M S/B

    S/B 3.9M B/O 4.4M B/I 50K Ends 24 hours after last bid or if B/O is met.
  4. Decoy

    WTS RELICS - Vivify S/B 1.5M - SOLD

    S/B 1.5M B/O 3M B/I 100K Ends 24 hours after last bid or if B/O is met.
  5. Avarice

    WTS Level 5 Meta Steed Mammal

    CURRENT BID: 35m all gold NO BO **Sale will go to the highest bidder** **Auction Style Sale Ends 9/8/19 at 11:59PM Central Time** **Good Luck** Level 5 Meta Steed Mammal Hue: Newspaper (pic coming soon) Relics: Level 5 Gold Relic & Level 6 Paralytic Meta Stone included preferred Items...
  6. Decoy

    WTS Double Strike Relic - 9.5M S/B

    9.5M S/B 12M B/O Bid increments 100K Ends 24 hours after last bid.
  7. Decoy

    WTS Combustion Relic - Listening to offers

    Listening to offers. If an offer seems particularly nice I'll hit you up. Statue trades are accepted if you bring the goods. It does this:
  8. roxju6

    WTS Sold

    WTS Shadowy Relic 8.1mil OBO Make offers here or on disco
  9. B


    Quicksilver Relic! 8m obo
  10. Decoy

    WTS Double Strike Relic - SOLD

    Make offer. Decoy#0001 on Disc0rd.
  11. Decoy

    WTS Focus Relic - SOLD

    S/B 5M B/I 100K Ends 24 hours after last bid.
  12. Decoy

    WTS Shield Bash Relic S/B 6M - SOLD

    S/B 6M B/O 8M B/I 100K Auction ends 24 hours after last bid or if B/O is met.
  13. Decoy

    WTS Primal Scream - S/B 5M - SOLD

    When proc'd, applies an "ignore armor" effect to mobs in a large radius around the player. S/B 5M B/O 6.8M B/I 100K Ends 24 hours after last bid or if B/O is met.
  14. Todd Hiltz

    WTS Paralytic Venom Relic

    Selling 1.2 mill
  15. Decoy

    WTS Shadowy Disciple Relic - 10M or best offer - SOLD

    Or best offer.
  16. K

    WTS Auction: Primal Scream Relic

    I believe it's first on the server for this brand new shiny zerker relic. I'll start the bid at the last highest offer. Auction will end 24 hours after the last bid. Starting bid: 7 mil Bid Increments: 500k No Buyout Primal Scream is a berserker relic that when activated disables all...
  17. K

    WTS a Talisman Relic XP Perk 112 Minutes (SOLD)

    Hi All, I would like to sell my talisman relic xp perk that has 112 minutes on it. I'm asking 112k firm.
  18. Todd Hiltz

    WTS Paralytic Venom Relic

    selling 1.4 mill
  19. Decoy

    WTS Dispersion Relic SOLD

    See title.
  20. Decoy

    WTS Dispersion SOLD

    See title.