UO Overdrive Roadmap


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Hey guys! Here is Roadmap for the major upcoming changes for Overdrive. I will continue to add to this list when we're ready to reveal more information.

  • Rebuilding of Forever Client. This will lower ping and remove the visual bug of players skipping on screen. It will also improve speed hack detection making it much more effective. (COMPLETE & LIVE)
  • Total removal of the Bounty System (COMPLETE & LIVE)
  • Removal of all recall blocks (COMPLETE & LIVE)
  • Lower cooldown of Ring of Forgiveness to 15 minutes (COMPLETE & LIVE)

  • Necromancer Talisman
  • Lowering cost to make Greater Mana Potions
  • Open Britain Castle (building outside Brit Bridge) for PvP
  • Add LOS to the farm area outside brit stables with Ankhs
  • Remove ability to use Orion so everyone is on the same client

  • Crafting Talisman

  • Rebuilding the dueling system. This includes includes 3-4 unique arenas to choose from with monthly rewards for the top duelist
  • Adding new rare drop system so players obtain more interesting items more frequently. This includes limited use fabric/animal dye tubs, skin dyes, and hair dyes.
  • Adding mustangs and other various new pets
  • Adding more items to the militia vendor
  • Poisoning skill update to make it viable in pvp

  • Automated tournament system where you accumulate points to qualify for a tournament to be crowned annual or semi-annual champion (1v1, 2v2, & possibly 3v3). More info to come!
  • Tournament system will also include non-pvp related events such as boxing, bomberman, races, and more!

In the future
  • Armor expansion: We want to make armor more valuable and useful for pvp so we will implement a new system in the future.
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