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Steam Resolution and Sallos Map

Discussion in 'Client & Server Issues' started by Aporia, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Aporia

    Aporia New Member

    Oct 7, 2017
    Aporia, Yixara, Yixil
    Hey there,

    I posted this Sallos Map in the New Player questions but have just noticed this sub-forum so perhaps it's more appropriate here. Is there a way to enlarge the Sallos Map (ALT+R), or perhaps an add-on that functions similar to the UOMap feature in Steam and the Razor equivalent?

    Sallos + Steam : Is it still possible to run both of these at the same time? I have read on the forums that folks run them simultaneously but I get errors. I have two installs of UO, one for Steam and one for Sallos. However, if Sallos is running, Steam fusses. And, if Steam is running, Sallos will have a conniption. Are the only prerequisites to have Steam point to its own install?

    Steam Resolution (Game Window Size):
    I was using Razor over on [another_server] which got me back into UO but am coming to UO Forever as I prefer this map and the features here. I would like to switch to Steam when not using Sallos. However, I have encountered a limitation with Steam's Game Window / Resolution in that it is limited to 1980x1080. Steam will not accept larger values beyond a width of 1980 and height of 1080. Razor works fine in this regard. I found the configuration file for steam in its directory and it stores these values in hexidecimal. I tried entering a larger number (hex) manually in the config file but that did not work.

    Does anyone know of a work around to get the playable box larger in UOSteam? I had found that 1750x1375 provided the most visible field before reverting to black.

    Thank you for any suggestions or help! Sincerely,

    UO Steam vs Razor (for reference)


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