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So how are people killing fishermen and giving murder couts?

Discussion in 'Ultima Online Forever: Naval Combat' started by Brann Snow, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Brann Snow

    Brann Snow Member

    And how to protect against it?

    My fisherman was on the water fishing. No weapon, no regents, just a fishing pole. I wasn't watching closely, just checking every 10 minutes or so. Sandy Claws and Oogie Boogie Man sunk my boat and I died. I look back at the journal and it shows "You are attacking Sandy Claws!" and "You are attacking Oogie Boogie Man!" I don't show that I took any murder counts and I don't think they did either. But it looks like I could have actually taken counts .... probably if I would have had a bow in hand is what I'm thinking. I also have "Query before performing criminal activities" turned on and cannons retracted.

    There sure seems to be some kind of game mechanic exploit going on here.
  2. VFingerDiscount

    VFingerDiscount Well-Known Member

    You pulled up a spawn and it attacked them maybe?
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  3. Messremb

    Messremb Well-Known Member

    This is one of the ways boat mechanics is broken. If they attack you with canons it flags you as the aggressor.

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  4. Brann Snow

    Brann Snow Member

    Hmmm ... but unless I do some actual damage to them they can't kill themselves and give me a murder count? Is that right?

    I bet that's how they do it. A fisherman macroing with a bow and arrows equipped for spawn. They get them to fire on them and then suicide and give murder count.

    That sound plausible?
  5. Steezie E

    Steezie E Well-Known Member

    Gives scumbuckets an excuse to dual client on boats for pvp. you shoot their boat and now it is "legal" for their other toon to start attacking you while spamming "scan the horizon"
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  6. Brann Snow

    Brann Snow Member

    Well I don't mind pirates, part of the game. And I don't mind getting sunk. I do think I should be able to give murder counts for getting murdered ... but if the devs don't care enough to fix it, then I can live (and die) with that.

    But I really don't want to get murder counts while fishing on a boat with nothing but a fishing pole. That would be ridiculous ... unless it's the fish giving the counts.

    So am I correct that as long as I'm in the center of my boat and don't have a bow or cast spells at them, even if they use the exploit and make me the aggressor, they won't be able to give me counts?
  7. Mayor

    Mayor Well-Known Member

    next time i kill you afk fishing i will try it and find out to see if i can count you and report it to the gm's
  8. Rikket_The_Rogue

    Rikket_The_Rogue Well-Known Member

    in naval combat everyone, attacker and victim, are flagged. IDK why but I know I sunk lots of people and i'm still a happy-go-lucky blue.
  9. Dewderonomy

    Dewderonomy Well-Known Member

    It's if you get hit by cannons you will attack all persons on board that ship, including blues. The same goes for grappling hooks, allowing people to grapple onto your boat in town guards, call "guards" and get the boat owners guard whacked and then loot them.

    It's silly but this system has been in place for a year and a half, I believe, so I doubt they are going to be fixing these issues anytime soon. I cannot imagine they haven't heard of these issues already.
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  10. Brann Snow

    Brann Snow Member

    lol Ok, just be sure and pick "Don't report" or you will forever be known as "a big fish"
  11. Mayor

    Mayor Well-Known Member

    im already a big fish, going for whale now
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  12. Tantreghan

    Tantreghan Well-Known Member

    During events that run in town that are on water (vesper for example) I was able to shoot chars on the bank with my cannons...they get insta guard wacked and were lootable. I found out about that because it happendto me when I was on the bank...super broke and should b fixed.

    I agree with op. Shouldn't happen.

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