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Questions on Mining, Fishing and LJ

Discussion in 'Crafting & Trade Skills' started by DrLucid, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. DrLucid

    DrLucid Member

    For Mining:
    What's the chance of smelting Valorite/Verite/Agapite above 100 mining? Anybody have states on this?
    Including if you have 120 Mining AND wear gloves. I'm most curious about what the max smelt success rate is on these 3
    On that note, is there anything else to increase smelt rate? Some sort of rare item or DONO item?
    In regards to doubling chance, does the amoutn of ore you smelt at a time matter? Ie: Does chance to double decrease /increase with larger piles of ore?

    For barnacle-encrusted items, can these be found on ANY Deep water elemental? Ie: From MIBs, nets, and whirlpools? Is the drop rate the same? I have only found one on a DWE brought up with a net is why I ask

    What does Osiredon drop?
    What does leviathan drop?

    My skill is well below 100, so...
    Can you get any type of wood from any tree? If so, what are the chances for each wood type [assuming high enough skill]
    At 120 LJ, how much are people making per hour at LJ?

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  2. Sir.

    Sir. Well-Known Member

    Good questions - wish i had answers for ya
  3. Frito Figmus

    Frito Figmus Well-Known Member

    the barnacle encrusted (ingots) can be found on any of the deep waters. Oseriedon drops deco items including small fish nets,large, grey anchor and hook. leviathan (i think) drops colored sea horses.
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  4. Shortbus

    Shortbus Well-Known Member

    Barnacle clothes come from pools. 120 fishing is a higher chance.

    Smelting 120 with +5 gloves smelts Valorite in 1 swoop (or did). Still only like 70% chance to double iron or something like that.

    Need 120 Lumberjack to get Frostwood. 110 for blood/heart and 115 for the other if memory serves me right. Can get from any tree but low chance for all.
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  5. dalmuti

    dalmuti Well-Known Member

    I'll try to answer the LJ questions without getting too long-winded. I can expand via PM if you're interested. I saw skills for each wood listed somewhere at 101, 105, 106, 110, 115, and 116 for oak, ash, yew, heart, blood, and frost respectively. I didn't try all of these out myself since I used SS from 106 to 120, but the lower one's checked out and I was able to get blood but not frost while I was at 115 and saving for my 120 PS.

    You can get any kind of wood from any tree, but I am pretty sure that your odds of successfully getting the better woods goes up as you get above the minimum skill required. For instance, you get more yew at 120 than at 106 even though you will get some either way. Odds of each type at 120 LJ are approximately Normal (74%) , Oak (14%), Ash (4-5%), Yew(2.5-3%), Heart (1.3-1.6%), Blood (0.6%-1.2%), and Frost (0.4%-0.6%). My confidence in the exact percentages goes down for the better woods since you need a lot of data to experimentally determine odds that are that low because some good or bad runs can really mess it up. I have definitely chopped 20k logs without any frost and I have also chopped 160 frost during a run of only 2k logs. Also, these percentages include logs from snakes. Make sure to kill these since you can get top tier woods from them even if you don't have the skill to harvest it.

    Of course the value per hour depends heavily on what price you get and how efficiently you chop (logs per hour). It will also fluctuate wildly because of the variability in how much of the higher tiers you get. Based on my typical ranges for all of this, I think I average about 85k per hour. That assumes selling all the wood though and it is difficult right now to sell normal, oak, or ash at any price. Luckily my math says that 2/3 of the profit comes from the top three woods, so I could get more than 55k per hour even if I threw everything but those three on the ground.
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  6. Sparhawk

    Sparhawk Well-Known Member

    The barnacle ingots have aprx 4% drop rate, 1/25. The barnacle clothing is as rare as rocking horse shit
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  7. Frito Figmus

    Frito Figmus Well-Known Member

    ya,i always hoped to get more than just the apron...
  8. Sparhawk

    Sparhawk Well-Known Member

    I'd be happy to get even a barnacle sock..you are super lucky to get the apron. I know a heap of old timer sea dawgs wholive on the ocean and have not ever had barnacle clothing drop!

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