Pk builds in groups?



Been playing UO since 2000 on and off. Myself and some buddies just got back into it and farming the other day in the spring dungeon, we saw a few time groups of reds run in and attempt to take us out.

We said to ourselves that we need to be that group of reds and do what they do.

We currently have stealth archers which are fun to gank some tamer here and there. But we want more. We have the resources and understand the game well.

I’ve talked some people online already and they say just all run mages or alchy dexxers but I wanted to post here and get some more opinions.

We are 4 friends in total but not all of us are on all the time. So sometimes its less.


my question is? What is the best group combination for reds?

Whats the best solo red running a dungeon and attempting a pk?

Best 2 man team?

Best 3 man team?

Best 4 man team?

Is an alchy archer a viable template?

Thank you in advance.