Pets with no taming req'd ?

Well.... I guess I'm not really a new player... but when you've managed to play UO for 19yrs, and never have a tamer - there are still some grey areas ! **

Aside from hireling npc's - are there pets in the game that can understand the 'guard me' command, and fight off low level cretins like headless', skeletons, and mongbats without needing constant heals ?? Not looking for hireling NPC's, but actual pets - or I guess even mounts that could qualify, and set up a defense. Thanks !

** - because someone will probably ask : In the first 6 months of UO's existence, it drove me so crazy that some jackass could walk around with nineteen white wyrms in tow to wreak havoc... I've railed against the stupidity of tamers ever onwards. So I'm stupid, and stubborn. =D


Giant Beetle. Might need a little bit of training to do it valiantly.

You're doing lvl 1 maps I guess?
Haha. Nope, level 5's - I just want to not pay attention to those bloody lich skeleton spawns as they come wandering over !

Thanks. Now I guess I'd better create another thread to ask how to get a giant beetle. :D


I do level 1's with mine. It works but it's slow, so I think some training is good for it!

Check in discord if someone can help you tame a beetle.
and make sure you have someone that can res if it dies. Make sure it bonds first! :)