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List of Patch Notes for release

  • #525 - Bug fix - Using deposit no longer takes gold from locked containers. - Reported by Brunoff This change includes a large amount of item searching functions, prevents them all from searching locked containers.
  • #491 - Suggestion - Force reveal a hidden character when a giant serpent spawns while Lumberjacking.
  • #484 - Suggestion - Increase the maximum amount of a bank cheque from 5 mill to 50 mill. - Suggested by Tricky.
  • #482 - Bug Fix - Fix SOS sorting by coordinates in Davies Jones Locker - Reported by Skye
  • #555 - Suggestion - Prevent tracking through the darkness in dungeons. - Suggested by Drakeon This change will prevent all users from in the dungeon areas from tracking each other unless they share atleast one region. This may have some larger impacts. Feel free to report issues.
  • #435 - Suggestion - Allow Butlers to be renamed by house owner. - Suggested by Jakaro This will cost 500 dono coins.
  • #301 - Suggestion - Allow meta recolors to use deposited gold - Suggested by Short Bus
  • #186 - Suggestion - Custom house designer role - Suggested by Bo This will allow you to assign someone for 7 days to be able to design your house. After 7 days the role will automatically be removed. The owner can also remove this role at any time. Designers can remove addons much like owners. Do not use this role for anyone you don't trust.
  • #570 - Bug Fix - Fix the region size in the giants RDA - Suggested by Gash
  • #426 - Bug Fix - Nox relic hitting guard NPCs in town. - Suggested by Calsifer This fix includes changing the target selection with all AoE relics, including: Cloud Burst, Tidal Wave, Molten Breath, Magmatic Blast, Noxious Blood and Necrosis.
  • #88 - Bug Fix - Aesthetic Shields can be used for shield bash - Reported by Parsnip
  • #111 - Bug Fix - RDAs spawning on the water - Reported by Suikoden
  • #152 - Suggestion - Hide mobiles after 5 minutes of being dead This will automatically hide any bosses or players on your screen after being dead for 5 minutes. Only healers and party members will be visible.
  • #606 - Bug Fix - Night bears, beetles and wolves do not have the usual 3 second delay for remounting.

  • Crash fix - #593 Clear action queue when netstate is disposed
  • Fix alchemy achievements not counting towards crafted potions when poured directly into a keg
  • Fixed the meta pet dye menu where the first option was not selectable
  • Added Hiding as a queued action Bonded pets now require a "I Agree" to release, to reduce the amount of accidental releases.
  • While in PvP combat you can only place a movement blocking object every 5 seconds.
  • Fixed (another) sectoring issue with instances
  • Active Abilities will no longer see guards as valid targets. (Fixing Decreptify, Volley and others from getting you guard wacked)
  • Militia Sanctification fix.
  • Players pets will also fall under the 1/8 damage from Necro summons.
  • Fixed a rare crash with the speed hack prevention system.
  • Changed the magic reflection to consume charges **equal** to the spell circle rather than spell circle + 1 which is UOR era specific.
  • Fixed/added mount statue poses.
  • Fixed sending buff/debuff information to newly connected clients

  • Meta Dye Selector - To reduce the amount of scrolling on the donation vendors we will be implementing this vendor that will let you preview the dyes on different pets and select the hue. Hues and Prices are not currently accurate

  • Holiday Gifting - You will be able to send gifts to people you care for this holiday. (Subject to Change)
    Wrap your own gift - 500 Dono
    Prewrapped Silver Gift - 1000 Dono
    Prewrapped Gold Gift - 2500 Dono
    Prewrapped Epic Gift - 5000 Dono
    You can search for a player (must have been logged in recently and not banned), and send a gift to their bank.
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