Patch Notes (06/24/2022)

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-Added server side support for extra target information to work with the Forever Client

-We will be opening a channel #AreaOfEffectTargetMissing in discord which will allow players to report spells/abilities which are missing the indicator.

-Added Totem of the Berserker, Idol of the Magi, Phylactery Of Resilience, Shadow of the Rogue to the Test Center Campaigns.

-Fixed crash when providing new Target Information.

-Changed Reveal to be a flat 6 range regardless of magery skill.

-Crash fix for modifying the spell restrictions for the battles system (CTF and FFA)

-You can no longer take damage while in the "Preparation" stage of the battles system. Preventing people from killing themselves to be able to freely run around the CTF map.

-On the battles system, when you die you will be restored back to full health.
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