Patch Notes:


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- Fixed a server crash (hopefully) that has been happening occasionally (once a week) since the start of rising.
- All current militia treasury values are now 5 times what they were. (if you had 200 in your treasury it is now 1000)
- Increased the treasury cut to 5% up from 1%
- You are now awarded 400 silver into your guild's treasury when you successfully capture a rune
- Warlords as well as the guild leader can now use functions on the militia sergeant at arms
- Added option to withdraw from the treasury from the sergeant at arms

- Fixed bug which allows scrolls to be sold for more than their intended worth (supposed to be 2*circle)
- Fixed names/color of item descriptions on vendors.

Overdrive Specific

Completely changed the chain lightning spell, more live balancing to come.


Completely changed the meteor swarm spell, more live balancing to come.


Completely changed the mass dispel spell to function more sphere like. Though be warned.. Dispeling others is still considered a harmful action. So reds beware, this spell is aggressive action.


Teleport is now setup as a PRECAST, frozen while casting, and has regular RunUO Line of sight (able to cast through minor obstacles, and over terrain)


Dispel and mass dispel will now be able to dispel magical buffs/debuffs including:
- Night Sight
- Strength (Spell)
- Agility (Spell)
- Cunning
- Bless
- Clumsy
- Weaken
- Feeblemind
- Curse
- Mass Curse
- Reactive Armor
- Protection
- Magic Reflection
- Arch Protection
- Invisibility

Magic Reflect will now completely negate a spell if both the target and caster have magic reflect as well as use a charge of reflection for both.

Archery now follows the same line of sight as casting.

Current spells no longer fizzle if you attempt to cast a spell on someone who is out of line of sight

Decreased the length of Paralyze.
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