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[] - 12/06/2021

- Special abilities no longer replace the current debuff. For example you will no longer be able wrestling stun someone who is already wrestling stunned. It will display a message saying they're already under the effect.
- Aggressive actions will no longer change your combatant unless you are not currently engaged in combat.
- Explosion potions hitting friendlies will no longer be considered an aggressive action. Though it will still damage them.
- Changed Mana Vampire, Mind Blast & Mana Drain to use the effects applied in the gamemode spell options.

Plus a bunch of Rising additions.

[] - 12/11/2021 (Coming soon)

- Fixed Mindblast's delay.
- Changed the AoE code for explosions/spells to use a rectangle rather than the a^2 + b^2 = c^2 and c <= (range) which was resulting in some of the corners being tiles which were previously effected to be ignored.
- Fixed all debuffs/buffs from lasting 1~ second too long. Which were making stuns last too long.
- Fixed dying from clearing the stated debuff. (Hope you had fun murderers)
- Fixed Christmas Skin Dye to use and retain the hue of the skin dye in a bottle rather than defaulting to red/green. This will fix the long standing bug making server restarted force back to these colors too.
- Poisoned weapons will no longer consume charges when the target is already poisoned. They will only start using charges when the defender is not poisoned, swords and spears will continue to have a 75% chance to use a charge when the poisoning chance fails (only if the target isn't poisoned).
- Daggers, Swords and Spears will all now trigger the infected wounds proc.
- Poisoned weapons will no longer mark the person who applied the poison as the person who poisoned them.


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poisoned spears? only fencing weapons that should be able to be poisoned are dagger, kyrss and warfork.
I didn't change the code that allows something to be poisoned, just the underlying code. Happynoob let me know this too. This did not make spears poison able.