Patch Notes:


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Patch Notes:

- Disabled Zombieland Spectral Armor from showing up in the blacksmithing menu again.
- Nightsight can now be refreshed instead of giving the error that nightsight is already enabled.
- Removed all previous instances of old Guild Code (should not be noticeable)
- Fixed Poisoning Max Skill Data Saving
- Fixed All new beverages from being poisoned by default.
- Preventing players from places any houses in any instances.
- Fixed xpots applying aggressive action when they hit
- Fixed para spam messages and sounds.
- Rebuilt xpot targetting, friendlies should also be hit by xpots.
- Fixed Guild menu from crashing on the original client (steam, razor)
- Fixed Harrower Magic Reflection
- Changed Thanks Giving Turkey model.
- Gobbles now drops 2 power scrolls.
- Water Champ can no longer spawn turkey boss.
- Vendors no longer buy bread.

There are several other behind the scenes changes to prepare for Rising, however they should not be visible. Report any abnormal outcomes.