Patch Notes:


Staff member

- Changed Reactive Armor and Magic Reflection buffs to persist through server restarts (starting the next restart.)
- Removed Detect Hidden skill from interrupting the user's hiding or invis.
- Moved the cause of "This spell will not adhere to you at this time" around, this should fix the issue of permanently being unable to use defensive spells.
- Added back the "This spell is already in effect" for defensive spells.
- Changed the method preventing phase shift to pathfind and check if you're able to walk to the location, if you can it will allow phase shift.
- Fixed incognito permanently (actually until death or server restart) from changing one's name even when the spell has expired.
- Fixed bonded pet's buffs/debuff from cleaning upon death.
- As a trial basis (for the expansion) we will be halving the object delay, and seeing how different aspects of the game feel at this new rate. Please feel free to drop us your feedback.
- Added new HALLLLLLOOWEEEEEN decorations.
- Additional prep for zombieland!