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Not sure if I made it in time

Discussion in 'Client & Server Issues' started by Quarter, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Quarter

    Quarter Member

    Sep 19, 2018
    Hey to everybody out there I haven't been able to see for these last several months/ I haven't been able to play since my computer fried itself on me a while back. I've managed to be able to log in at least once a month just to keep my house from falling but that's the extent of what I could manage, sadly.
    It might be down, now, might already be too late.
    In the off chance it's not, one more refresh on it would be amazing and completely save my ass while I wait for my replacement parts to come in over the next couple weeks. @Shane @eppy
    Sorry to you guys I'd run with for just falling on the face of the earth for ya :p
    I promise it wasn't my intention.
    Just some family stuff to tend to.
    We've all been there, I'm sure
    But anyway.
    If you could help, fantastic. If not, I completely understand. No hard feelings ;)
    Many thanks to @ADabLDo @Ankhur (sorry for butchering your name :p), and @GoddessArtemis for always being so helpful during my months back in a UO community. Sorry I'm butchering the tagging system, too)
    Was refreshing to run into some like minded people in an MMO who were always just willing to go out of their way to improve the experience for anyone and everyone.
    Was a good run.
    P.S. --- If you're gonna let my house go down at least give Adabaldo that Bloody Talons relic locked down on my roof and MAYYBBEEE even that chest with like 50 trees stocked up in it. I'm sure he'd shit for that one.
    P.S.S -- If you guys are feeling just extra generous, Throw everything left stored into auction and split the profits To Artemis for our guilld, and Ankhur for his new player welcome wagon funds.
    Be back when I can magic, guys
  2. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2014
    RunYourDead / GoogleMyName / Superlollo / a wandering dealer
    ehm, nobody's friended to your houses and can refresh them?

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