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New Warrior

Discussion in 'Player VS Monster' started by dylana, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. dylana

    dylana Member

    Oct 27, 2014
    Arnwald, Lucky Jack, Pixel Vamp, Dirk Raven, Viktor Raven
    Hello All!

    After years of messing around with mages I want to make my first warrior. My first thought was for MOTM. When I saw everybody killing the mass Ettin spawn the other day my provo mage seemed pretty useless for that task. I saw these warriors running around just one shotting Ettins super fast. So that is my initial inspiration. But other than that I do not know much about warrior templates. I've been doing some research on the forums and am having trouble figuring out where to start.

    Would it be possible to have a template that is efficient for MOTM and PVP? Or would this template end up being strictly PVM? I'm drawn to swords but I see a lot of sword archery combos in the templates.

    If I could use it for fast MOTM dispatching and PVP I think that would be the template I am most interested in. I don't really care for magery on this template, I'm looking for more of a pure warrior type. But if it's somehow necessary for my idea of fast MOTM killing I'm open.

    I like this template I found on the orc thread (might be interested in orcs if they are still active). But would it be viable for my MOTM idea?

    GM Tactics
    GM Anat
    GM Wep skill
    GM Archery
    GM Hiding
    GM Stealth
    7th skill you can split between resist and healing or just go full healing.

  2. King Dingaling

    King Dingaling Well-Known Member

    Feb 8, 2013
    Absolutely need healing. also i would drop stealth for magery...u will never need it. i would only keep 1 weapon skill so u can have resist. most start out with swords/fencing/macing while leveling the talisman..then switch to archery when its maxed.

    so it would look like this..
    GM Swords/Fencing/Macing
    GM Anatomy
    GM Tactics
    GM Healing
    GM Resist
    GM Magery

    Those are the basics...the 7th skill depends on what ur gonna do. If u want to pvp too...i would add GM alchemy. If u choose defense talisman..i would go GM Parry. If u choose berserker...u could do GM Arms Lore (higher percent to land hit) or GM Hiding (i chose hiding, saves my ass a lot)

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