Need suggestions on how to start


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I am using the Bard Warrior template to start (I have never played UO ever!).

  • 100 Strength
  • 90 dexterity
  • 35 intelligence

I need help on what macros I should be setting up... or guides to follow to help me out. Where should I go to train after newbie dungeon? When should I go? How do I provoke mobs onto enemies? etc...
I am very new and need all the help I can get or maybe some guides. Thanks for your assistance!


If it’s complete PvM I would change template a bit drop Magery and resist and GM Healing and Anatomy but also add hiding. Provo Archer only second to tamer for PvM imo.


Magery 80
Resist 70
Music 100
Provoking 115
Achery 100
Tactics 90
Anatomy 100
Healing 80

this is my current Bard/archer template. what i;ve found is resist is only so good it helps against some spells not all. Magic Reflect if you are going against mage type works better really. I prefer higher magery to cast spells with more reliability such magic reflect. I also want to be able to cast some summons to help with that higher mob you are trying to deal with. sometimes it is nice to step behind a deamon and pelt the mob with arrows or an EV.

Stat wise i'm running


Just my two cents. Hope this helps

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when i ran provo archer i did...

100 provo
100 music
100 archery
100 tactics
100 anatomy
100 healing
100 hiding

hiding was essential for me since i had no magery, and no its a life saver sometimes. having no magery kinda sucks...but u should have a second character to gate u around if need be anyways (u can still recall around by urself using recall scrolls and no magery)


Taming and vet. skills i wish they would get rid of.

but, if its gold and loots you seek......its the only way to fly. (and have a chance at surviving the battles that bring the -real- loot.

of course the meta tamers in the group will hem and haw, but, thats how it is, friend.


Provo Archers are great as a first char as well as a tamer. However, if you are considering a tamer which is a very expensive char to run after a certain point. You might consider creating a Berserker which can be expensive if you account all the relics (abilities) but the beginning of a Zerk talisman it's quite cheap and very rewarding!