Mining Spots of UOF


Have you ever thought to yourself, "I really wish I had runebooks full of colored ore spots but I don't want to spend gold on them or go out and mark them myself because I'm a fat, lazy, disgusting slob!"? Well have no fear, because Torin is here!

I have taken the liberty of marking every spot (or almost every, no one is perfect) spot on Moonglow, Ocllo ("safe" parts), Serpent's Hold (safe parts), Cove and Skara. Here is the map file you will need - | Below is a nice illustrated guide in Q&A format for people who have no idea how to drag and drop a file into a folder. You will need UO AUTOMAP for this.

Q: What folder do I put the .map file in, oh glorious one?

A: Wherever you installed UOAM. But mine looks like this -

Q: I have it installed, but how do I go to specific ore type spots?

A: Click on Places, and Edit or Go To Labels - | Afterwards, click on the File tab and scroll down until you see this -

Q: How do I know if it's working?

A: Go to Ocllo and then zoom in on UOAM, it should look like this minus the red circle and text added by yours truly -

Q: Are you going to do any more areas?

A: Yes, I'm going to hit up all the major towns and eventually safe areas of the wilderness. Mountains are stupid and I hate trying to click on them, so mine those yourself if you want to know what they contain that badly. Rocks on grassy areas are so much easier.

Q: Do you accept donations in appreciation of your amazing work?

A: Yes. PM me if you feel the need to lavish me with gifts.


Pretty awesome. In my own UOAM, I have something similar but for only the area within 6 screens of my houses. Use it primarily for when I am bored and want to rustle up some valorite elementals with a gargoyle pickaxe.