Mining and Inscription Crafter Talisman Ideas


First of all let me say that I'm loving the Crafter talisman so far. I would like to offer my ideas on what the Mining and Inscription wings of the talisman should be like.

Mining Crafter.
You will need to maker a gem that is only farmed by mining (lets call them geodes) Once you have gained 1,000 geodes (or 2,000 or what ever) you would unlock these abilities.

Superior Miner: When you start mining you can decide what kind of metal you wish to mine. For instance, let's say a place that you mine, you can mine up to Gold there. You can then click on something (maybe Pickaxe) and select what metal you would like to mine up to Gold. So if you wanted Bronze, that is all you would mine there. So if you come across a Valorite vein, you can choose everything mined there to be Valorite or any metal. So every mining place you can just take the metal you need.

Superior Smelter: Iron Ore would always double when smelting. while the rest would at least double the chance of if doubling into bars or you would not lose any for the more magical metals.

Elemental Miner: Like with the Gargoyle's Pickaxe you can turn on a chance to summon a Ore Elemental when mining. This ability need to be able to be turned off and on.

Upgrade: This will upgrade a mining area 1 metal. For instance, if you are able to get Gold out of it normally, you can now get Agapite Ore.

Inscription Crafter

Increased ability to make Runebooks with more than 10 charges.

Ability to make Skill Scrolls. To make a random Skill Scroll. This is how I think a Skill Scroll should be make. 100 Blank Scrolls, 10,000 Gold and 100 mana.

Chance to make a Power Scroll: This is how I think a random Power Scroll should be make. 1,000 Blank Scrolls, a check for 250,000 Gold, 1,000 Dono Coins and 105 mana

Thanks, looking forward to hearing how bad this will screw up the game (lol). Zigra