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Militia Suggestion mega-thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Abiding Dude, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Abiding Dude

    Abiding Dude Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2015
    The Dude Abides. Dudeisms. Abiding Dude, & The Dude
    post your suggestions on ways we can improve militias

    1. Add more capture points-Ocollo, Moonglow, Bucs, etcs. atm we have 3 capture points and they're all in britt.

    2. Militia Commands
    [miltia Brings up a militia gump, where all militia-related information is centralized.
    [showsbounty displays your bounty points.
    [titles Lets you access your titles and hues
    I am sheriff Allows the Sheriff to place guards.
    I wish to access the city treasury Allows the Finance Minister to control taxes and milita vendors

    3. Allow reds in militia the ability to use wands

    4. allow all blues to use wands. Its 4-6 new hotkeys and takes a week to learn the basics of wands. Gheal + miniheal gives them a better chance to survive vs reds + lighting&fireball wands gives them better defense+offense vs reds

    5, Militia Commander Armor

    6. Add in bounty coins + mobs

    7. Militia Bounty NPC Vendor

    7. Craftsmen in militias can create militias-blessed clothes, armor and weapons (with some restrictions).
    To craft a militia item, the player must be in a militia and that militia must control a capture point.
    Once the item is made at any npc blacksmith shop,a gump will appear asking if the item is to be militia blessed. Each item takes a specific amount of bounty coint to bless. The bounty must be in the crafter's backpack to get the bless option.
    Once blessed the item will show as blessed/militia item in the description for two weeks.

    8. when you get a militia kill add back in dat sexy sparkle [​IMG]
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