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Market for weapons?

Discussion in 'Crafting & Trade Skills' started by Sayler, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Sayler

    Sayler Member

    HI Everyone,

    Pretty new to uof, old vet from atl shard. I was wondering, is there a market for the magic weapons and armor sometimes dropped around the world? I mean, like, the ones with modifiers like invulnerability or force or guarding, etc. I have tons of them and wanted to know if I'd make more money selling them on a vendor or just back to the npcs.


  2. oneSLOWex

    oneSLOWex Well-Known Member

    Invul plate sells easily and weapons with power or vanq sell easily as well. I've found anything below power has been a waste on vendors and just sell them back to the npc

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  3. Zog'orium

    Zog'orium Well-Known Member

    Orcs will buy force + bows (reg or heavy) if they have some accuracy as well on them. Send me a pm man
  4. Nappaca

    Nappaca Well-Known Member

    yup I go throe a lot of fencing wep because I suck at pvp but it insane fun

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