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How To Add T-map Locations To Ultima Mapper for New Classic UO Client

Discussion in 'Guides' started by SirByte, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. SirByte

    SirByte Novice

    Apr 7, 2018
    How To Add T-map Locations To Ultima Mapper for New Classic UO Client
    First I would like to give thanks to Matsamilla on http://discord.uoforever.com for giving me his User Marker file. He had added all the location for the T-maps and sent me a copy. Wish it was a bit sooner because I was halfway done adding them to mine but it saved me a lot of time. I am posting this so others don't have to add the 200 t-map spots. I made a separate treasure.xml marker file so you can just drop it in the right directory and then turn it on.

    If your using the new classic UO client on the new launcher you have noticed the uo automap no longer tracks with your toon because it does not work with the new client. The good news is that Ultima Mapper does work with it just fine but it does not have the T-map location in it. This is where this file and guide come in. If you notice any errors or missing spots please post here or msg me on http://discord.uoforever.com MikeTx#6362

    Step 1
    Download Ultima Mapper program at http://www.ultimamapper.com/

    Step 2
    Download the treasure.xml at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G6YegN27N7ItnBMi31rEFkeIEbkz_SIg/view?usp=sharing
    The file will open in the browser. click on the download icon on the Right corner of the screen

    Step 3
    Copy the file to your Documents\Ultima Mapper\Markers directory. I use win 10 so your location might be different. if you cant find it try searching for file in the directory like the pools.xml file to help you find it.

    Step 4
    Start Ultima Mapper and in the menu goto markers then select. Choose the treasure one and then click ok

    After that the T-map locations will show up as piles of gold coins but you can edit the file to show different icons if you wish. Just use find and replace :)
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