Holiday Sale 2023!


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It's that time of year again! Every holiday season we have some really fun events but we also have a donation coin special to say thank you to everyone who has supported us through out the year as we continue to serve you all.

Going into our eleventh year of Ultima Online Forever is rather surreal.
We feel more than grateful for each and every person who contributes to making this not only just a game, but a very solid, long lasting and when it comes down to it, a very loving and mature community. Going into 2024 we have many things in store that we've been keeping close to our chests.

We are happy to announce that Living Environments will be released into Ultima Online Forever in January. With that, everyone should keep in mind that Living Environments will not only be a massive amount of content but also that content will be updated dynamically into the foreseeable future. After talking to multiple players and guilds we are certain that Living Environments is much, much, more than many of you believe it is. The days of "What you see is what you get" type of updates no longer applies here at Ultima Online Forever.

The team is extremely excited for all of this and we've been working very hard to ensure that Living Environments is more than just some content you do over and over. It's dynamic, it's engaging and we want to ensure it's absolutely amazing.

We are also aiming to release the new Achievement System next month that has been completely re-hauled from the ground up to accommodate for the current and upcoming systems including the new tournament system and more.

I (Shane) recently started a player-character on Ultima Online Forever which no one knows. I did not tell anyone who I was and I did not help my character at all, I wanted to play the game organically and get a feel for everything as it's been YEARS since I've played as an actual player.

I was extremely shocked at not only how friendly and amazing every player interaction was that I came across but also how much damn fun I had. I found myself wanting to get out of our team meetings so I could get back to my player grind. I started having dreams about Ultima Online Forever like in the old days. It literally came to a point I had to stop myself as it started taking up too much time.
I remember telling Tony, "We got a hell of a product here".

And that folks... that product is a direct result of our amazing staff and you guys, our tremendous community.
So truly, thank you all.

- The Ultima Online Forever Staff

You can see the specials here:

(Please note: Any purchases made before this post are not eligible for this special or bonus gifts nor is this sale retroactive in any way).

When you purchase a higher amount you also are eligible for a free blessed BONUS gift!

The new bonus item for the $200.00 purchase is a Glistening Octopus Necklace.


The new bonus item for the $400.00 purchase is a Sabretooth Tiger Ethereal!


The remaining higher purchases remain the same.

.....(Continued previous 200, 400 bonus gifts and remaining 1000 and 1500 bonus gifts)

New this year is an animated holiday hat with jingle sound and an equip-able mug of hot cocoa with sipping sound and steam as well as a holiday lights robe!


(Image quality is downgraded compared to in game)

!! Please read these carefully as each purchase comes with a different bonus reward.

$200 coin selection


Coins + Jingling Animated Holiday Hat

(Plays jingling sound with a holiday sparkle animation! See above example.)

$400 coin selection

Coins + Animated Mug of Hot Cocoa

(Does sip animation, plays sipping sound and has steam! See above example.)

If you purchase
$1000 coin selection
You receive:

Coins + Animated Holiday Lights Robe
(Rotates holiday lights with-in the Robe- Animation Below)

If you purchase
$1500 coin selection
You receive:

Coins + Jingling Animated Holiday Hat, Animated Mug of Hot Cocoa and Animated Holidays Lights Robe

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to DM Shane in Discord at

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