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Gamewheel! Win Prizes! High end items low end cash!

Discussion in 'Player Events' started by Firecrest, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Firecrest

    Firecrest Grandmaster

    Nov 27, 2014

    Welcome to the Game Wheel!

    - We will post items and slots you may purchase the slots and then we will use a randomizer to choose the winner. www.random.org

    - Each Item will have a number of slots. The more slots the lower the price.
    * Just say the number of slots and the numbers you want, you may say random and the amount of slots you ant
    - After all slots are full your book with the purchased slots maybe picked up at our Game Wheel House above. Please do so with in 72hrs or reach out to inform us that you need a little more time.
    - Once all the payments have been received we roll them bones

    * a number of rolls above four will be rolled first, then we will roll that many times and the 1 slot on the last roll wins!
    Any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

    ++++We reserve the right to remove any item, change the price of an item as a result of an error. We are humans, we have full time jobs and this is fun. When we can we will make it up to you in some manner as best as we can. If items are paid for and the item is removed, lost, stolen we will refund the wheel or give credit to an unpaid wheel.
    If something is mismarked we will reach out and ask you if you want to keep your bid or change it. We don't make a lot of errors often when it happens we are sorry+++(edited)

    Level 2 Meta Dragon Hatchling
    50 Slots 90000

    1st Dragon Hatchling, Pet Ball, Bonding Deed
    2nd: 180K
    3rd: 90K
    4th: 90K

    7x14 Max Storage
    50 Slots 90000
    1st: 7x14 Max Storage few screens NE of Yew moongate
    2nd: 180K
    3rd: 90K
    4th: 90K

    105 - 120 Fishing PS + Fishing SS
    40 Slots 75000
    1 - Fishing Package + 20 Fishing SS
    2nd: 150k
    3rd: 75K
    4th: 75K

    120 Animal Taming Power Scroll
    45 Slots 475K
    1st - 120 Powers
    2nd - 1Mil
    3rd - 475K
    4th - 475K

    Disperson Relic
    40 Slots 120K Each
    1st - Disperson Relic
    2nd - 250K

    Stacked Boat
    40 Slots 100K Each

    Spider Egg
    50 Slots 280K
    1St - Spider Egg
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  2. AreYouKidden

    AreYouKidden Grandmaster

    Mar 28, 2017
    Avalon Alduin, Achilles Alduin, Adams Alduin, Axgalor Alduin, Whisky Walt, Luke Thighwalker, AreYouKidden, Rusty Cleaver, The Mad Hatter
    The Gamewheel is a legit operation, I've been a happy winner on several occasions, participated more times than I can count - it's a great way to sneak out something for fairly cheap - of course it's a gamble, so you don't always win.

    He puts up a wide variety of items, I've seen several 120 taming scrolls go up for sale, lots of various deco items, consumeables, you name it, he's spun a wheel for it!
  3. Nappaca

    Nappaca Grandmaster

    Aug 30, 2013
    It fair trusted guy. not been a big winner but I did win once. Worth trying
  4. Firecrest

    Firecrest Grandmaster

    Nov 27, 2014
    How to play in the Game Wheel?

    Simple! Choose the Prize or Prizes you want, claim your spot and the spots are full you pay for your claimed spots! Win high end prizes for a low cost!

    - Premium members have access to slots, blackjack New! Roulette has been added!!
    and a their own area with a bank for their credit!

    Have an Item? DM me!

    Current Game Wheels

    20 Sets of Studded Barbed Leather Suits
    30 Slots @ 2500

    Animal Taming SS
    30 Slots @ 15K each (4 left)

    Pink Love Dove
    30 Slots @ 20K Each (27 left)

    Event Frag
    25 slots 35k each

    Weekly Progressive Lotto

    Premium Members!
    Special Monthly Wheel!

  5. Kiki

    Kiki Grandmaster

    May 3, 2013
    Just a heads up fellas. A 7x14 isn't max storage on its own. Did you purchase storage increases?

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