Fisherman and pirates

Any tips to keep my fisherman safe from pirates? Do I have to keep having to scan the horizons to get the map to update or can I leave it up? Will having tracking skill give me much more notice when I red boat is approaching? Any tips to get away from a fight after they throw a poison field on your boat and are shooting you? Any upgrades that would be very useful to stay alive? Not looking to kill pirates just to stay safe. Any advice would be great thank you.


Pirates can be tough. If they're good at maneuvering their boat around, it can be really hard to get away.

Tracking would help, as you could track them and try to move in the opposite direction.

Magery seems like a good way to defend yourself - you can cast Energy Vortexs on their boat which can keep them busy. Also, you can cast your own Paralyze Field on your own boat, stand in it (and pop a trapped pouch to be able to move) that way they can't throw a field down on top of you, since only one field can be there per time. I know you said you weren't interested in killing them, but you just wanted to say safe - however, the best defense is a good offense. Any success I've ever had vs them is me going on the offensive with fields, vortexes, explosion ebolt combos and making them sail away, and then I in turn sail away.

I would also suggest carrying potions around with you so and to set hotkeys so you can cure, heal, strength up (more hit points) to try to defend yourself better.

If you don't have it already, Hiding might be a good skill to be able to hide from them.

Good luck!


Also keep in mind things like the superb sails upgrades will give you more speed, and scanning the horizons every 30 seconds should give you some warning of a ship in the area. Tracking adds to that scan the horizon as well I believe.


I would suggest going out with full upgrades on your boat every time to give a fighting chance.

RiS has a wonderful supply of gently used and slightly recycled upgrades available on their vendors north of yew gate
Do you lose the upgrades when your ship sinks? Does different size boats give more upgrade slots then others? Thank you for the info, I will have to attempt to fight of these pirates, looks like my fisherman is going archer!