Dying at Sea


Hello Everyone!!
I am an aspiring Fisherman and I have a question regarding what happens when you die on a ship?
Can a Ghost steer the ship back to shore?
Is there a command that allows your ghost to teleport back to land or a city so you can be rezzed?
Any advice would be appreciated


It's advisable to make sure that you have a second account that has the skills required to resurrect. Add them as an officer to your ship, keep them off the ship and ready to recall in.
A ghost cannot steer the ship. If you do not have another character that can resurrect, Use the help tab in the options menu. You can select the option that your character's physically stuck. This will teleport you to a town of your choosing within 2 minutes.
MAKE SURE THAT ONE OF YOUR RUINS ARE OFF THE SHIP AND ACCESSIBLE AT ALL TIMES! If you have both of your ruins on your person when you die on the ship, the only way that you will be able to get back to it, is by sailing to it with another boat. You will lose all your gear!