A Couple of Housing Questions...

Brother Aldric

Is the footprint of a small stone tower, a stone workshop and a small house the same?
Also, is there still a chance to purchase a house deed and actually place any of the above?

Thanks in advance!


Yup, definitely possible to place a 7x7 or 7x8 on your own. Just keep looking around, dedicate some time to it and you'll find something. Also, most house resellers only make 20-50k more than it cost to place a house so you can pay a bit extra if someone is selling something you like. Houses that are 15x15 or bigger (max storage) tend to be very expensive however.

One thing though: if you place a house with a deed, it is the cheapest way but has limited storage and the deed itself has almost no resale value. Players usually sell house deeds for 50% of their vendor cost. If you buy a house placement tool instead (only 600gp), you can place a custom house which can then be designed to your liking. These range from 100-300k. If you want you can even choose a classic house through the placement tool, and it will have slightly more storage compared to the deed but will also cost a bit more.

If you are just starting out, buy a deed on the aftermarket to save money and just place something to hold you over. Afterwards you can demolish it and immediately place a bigger/custom house once you save up some money.


It places a plot to claim your ground, and then you can either just leave it that way and start locking down chests or go into the customize mode by double-clicking on the house sign. You can add walls, floors, grass, water, doors, arches, etc -- but it can be very expensive. You can have fun and design anything you like, then back it up and save it for later when you have the cash. There are a TON of custom house options btw. You can re-customize and change it later, but every time you add something it costs 10k + the cost of walls, floors, etc. So it pays to do it all at once.