- QoL Updates, New private housing access, and more!


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New Items:
  • Power Scroll Book Shelf
    • For sorting and storing your power scrolls.
  • Bank Storage Increase Deed
    • Increases the max amount of items that can be stored in your bank
  • Deed to increase maximum number of butlers allowed in a single house.
  • Slayer Spellbook storage bookshelf
    • For sorting and storing your slayer spell books.
  • Gem Storage Box
    • For sorting and quick storage of your gems.

  • Pet summoning balls will now sync the color with their linked pet.
  • You can now request a BOD from a context menu.
  • Ghosts and people in the house designer will no longer be able to see house signs.
  • Disabling opening corpses will now ALSO prevent you from skinning innocent corpses.
  • You will now be able to see the stamina and mana of your own pets.
  • Bone Armor and Dragon armor can now be cut into bones/scales.
  • Magic Trap will now recharge all charges on the chargeable pouch if the caster is out of combat for 2 minutes.

New House Access Level: Private
  • Can be used to secure a container or object so only 1 person can access it.

Strobe Clothing Update
  • Can now be customized with various hues, delays, items
  • All previous strobe clothing have been updated to this new code.
  • Players are able to customize these on the test center so that they can make requests when vendors are updated.