- Various Bug fixes, and Performance Improvements


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  • Failing to craft something which only consumes half resources will always consume atleast 1 of each resource.
  • Fixed removing addons from collapsed/demolished houses.
  • You can no longer directly steal an item from a container which you do not have snooped.
  • Fixed crafting gump to display the items correctly.
  • Fixed Mummies Cap resetting each time a new zombieland instance starts.
  • All current Mummies caps have been reset to 0
  • Removed the house restrictions on empowerment gaining charges and being able to be used.
  • Fixed Frugality starting XP requirement to 30k from 60k
  • Removed house restrictions on using recycler relic.
  • Fixed gaining XP on certain relics when at the max level. (Usually relics which will gain more than 1 xp based on mob difficulty)
  • Fixed stealables being blocked by above fix
  • Fixed crash from aesthetic relics attempting to gain XP (from above fix).
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