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Artifact of the Artisan

  • Unlocks "Mythical" crafting, for rare items which require recipes and can only be crafted once per 72 hours (reducible to 24 by maxing the level of the talisman)
  • Experience is gained by crafting items, you will only be able to gain from crafting the same item 25 times, then you must wait an hour before crafting that item again before you can gain.
  • Recycler
    • Has a 0.5% * Level (5% at max level) percent chance to reduce the cost of resources by an additional 20%
    • Requires 800 * Level ^ 1.4 XP to gain a level
    • Will gain 1 XP per activation.
    • Can be obtained via small relic fragments (See below)
  • Empowerer
    • Grants an active ability to empower a wearable piece of clothing or armor.
    • Empowering an item will grant Level% damage increase against an enemy. 5 Items can be worth that are empowered at a time. This will increase all types of damage you're responsible for against any none player characters.
    • Cannot be used on blessed items
    • Gain charges on this ability by crafting exceptional items.
    • XP is Gained by applying charges, you will gain Charges XP.
    • Requires 15000 * Level ^ 1.4 XP to gain a level
    • Can be obtained via small relic fragments (See below)
  • Frugality
    • Reduce required resources by 0.5 * Level% (5% at max level)
    • XP is gained by saving resources. This includes in the Britain Craft Area and Recycler.
    • Requires 30000 * Level ^ 1.4 XP to gain a level
    • Can be obtained via small relic fragments (See below)
  • Imbueologist
    • Increases chance to imbue an item with Slayer by 2% * Level
    • XP is gained by crafting a slayer.
    • The bonus only increases current slayer chance. So if the chance of a slayer is 2% the increase will end in a total of 2.4% chance.
    • Requires 3000 * Level ^ 1.4 XP to gain a level.
    • Can be obtained via small relic fragments (See below)
  • Overstock
    • When activated, a vendor will offer you extra supplies which depend on the type of vendor. While be shown as a menu after purchasing from a vendor.
    • XP is gained by activating the relic.
    • Chance to activate is 2.5% * Level
    • Requires 1000 * Level ^ 1.4 XP to gain a level.
  • Perfectionist
    • Increases the odds crafting an exceptional item by 2% * Level.
    • XP is gained by turning in a BOD. XP scales with the difficulty of the BOD.
    • Like imbueologist it only increases current chance. An 80% exceptional chance increased by 20% will be 96% chance to craft an exceptional item.
    • Requires 7000 * Level ^ 1.4 XP to gain a level.
    • Can be obtained via small relic fragments (See below)
  • Art of the Deal
    • When activated will reduce the purchase price of a vendor to only 5% of the total price, though you need to promise to pay them later ;)
    • Chance to activate is 0.5% * Level
    • XP is gained by activating
    • Requires 600 * Level ^ 1.4 XP to gain a level.
Mythical Crafting
  • Items can have rare aesthetic looks or special added buffs/bonuses for use against non player characters. All of the items can be sold.
  • Items will show up as red items in the crafting menu with high crafting requirements.
  • Recipes can be obtained by killing a boss, or a level 7 treasure map (100% drop rate)
  • Artifact of the Artisan is required for crafting these items, though you can learn the recipes without it.
  • 150+ items have been added already.
  • Planned additions for ALL crafting skills.
Talisman Quest
  • System has been completely reworked.
    • Previous issues with older stones not detecting killing mobs is fixed.
    • Added context menu option to abandon quest.
    • Switched all text entries to clilocs to support multiple languages and save on bandwidth.
  • Renamed old quest name from "Lessons of the Past" to "Art of War"
  • Added new quest "Lessons of the Past" to obtain the new crafting talisman.
    • Will require visiting a handful of spirits of artisans and calming their spirits.
    • This quest will be used in the future for other crafting related meta items.
Housing System
  • Added a "biowner" access level.
    • This will allow users to customize / axe statues and perform all other actions a owner of a house can.
      • With exception to Transferring, Demolishing or adding more biowners.
    • Default limit is 5 biowners
      • Can be increased to up to 30 via biowner increase deeds. (not yet added)
    • When a biowner sets secure level to Guild / Alliance this will use the owner of the house's guild or alliance rather than their own.
      • biowners will be able to access guild / alliance containers.
  • Added additional server side logging to all house features. Which may allow owners of a house to access logs of their house in the future.
Relic System
  • Added Relic Qualities
    • Crumbling - Will increase max level by 1. Can be used until level 6. Will be worth 2 power scrolls on relic fragment systems.
    • Flawed - Will increase max level by 2. Can be used until level 10. Will be worth 10 power scrolls on relic fragment systems.
    • Perfect - Will increase max level to 10. Can be used until level 10. Cannot be used on relic fragment systems.
    • [Future content] Flawless - Will increase max level by 1. Can only be used from level 10 to level 15. Will be worth 20 power scrolls on the relic fragment system.
  • The intention of this change is to decrease the barrier of entry into the meta systems. We will be adding ways for players to obtain Crumbling relics at a higher rate to allow newer players to start receiving the benefits of relics while starting out.
  • All current relics are converted to "Flawed" level relics.
    • With exception to Gold sink relics (Archery and Rogue relics) and Relics built from Relic Fragments (spider relics). These have been converted to "Perfect Relics"
      • This does NOT mean that the way of obtaining these relics will not be changed in the future. It just means that current relics will remain perfect relics.
Relic Fragments
  • Added Small Relic Fragments
    • Can be used to build crumbling relics.
    • Starts with 1 point.
    • Can be merged with power scrolls / relics... the same as Relic Fragments used to obtain Spider relics.
    • Can also be merged with other small relics, to absorb their points. The item double clicked will absorb the targeted item.
  • Added Meta Talisman relics to be allowed to be absorbed for points (Including for Spider relics)
Loot Changes
  • All previous relic drops were converted to drop flawed relics.
  • MOTW and World Objectives (Graveyards) have been changed to drop crumbling relics at a much higher rate.
  • Added a Random Mythical Recipe to given directly to a random user who helped kill a boss.
  • Added a Random Mythical Recipe to be dropped in Level 7 Treasure Maps.
Bulk Order Deed Changes
  • If the person handing in a bulk order deed is wearing a artifact of the artisan, will have a chance to drop Small Relic Fragments for the Recycler, Empower, Frugality, Imbueologist, Perfection relics.
  • If the person handing in a bulk order deed is wearing a artifact of the artisan, will have a high chance to drop a mythical thread for tailoring BODs or mythical resin for blacksmithing BODs.

Meta Talisman
  • Added a tooltip indicator when the talisman is on cooldown, rather than having to guess.
  • Talismen only go on cooldown when switching to a new one or when dying. (Accidental drag drops no longer put it on cooldown)

  • Weapon system has been rebuilt to allow for on the fly/gamemode changes.
  • This may cause some issues with some weapons please report any changes / issues.

Transmutation Cube:
  • Can be obtained through the gold sink vendor (It was previously dedicated for reforging slayer runes)
  • Added recipe that will allow 4 Crumbling Relics of the same type to be combined into a Flawed Relic.
  • It is suggested to use the test center. Where you can use the wand of relic quality to test this system so you understand it.

Additional Changes
  • Achievement progress bar from exceeding the size its supposed to be.
  • Meta abilities will now gain experience until their XP for the current level is maxed out, regardless of whether they are currently at the max level.
    • You will notice this as starting to gain XP again even though you are level 10.
  • Fixed Necro Summons from disappearing when mounted and the server restarts.
  • Fixed a crash with Davies Locker sort.
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