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Yoko Kurama
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May 31, 2019
May 19, 2016
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Ophidian Caverns

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Yoko Kurama

Master, from Ophidian Caverns

cold like Eskimo floe Aug 16, 2016

Yoko Kurama was last seen:
May 31, 2019
    1. Nailbomb
      i recently started playing uo forever again, i played back in 2014 for a bit. i woudnt mind doing end game content
    2. Nailbomb
      hello . im looking for a guild to join. mostly pve. i have 7x gm bard and tamer. ive played Uo off and on since around 1998
    3. Yoko Kurama
      Yoko Kurama
      cold like Eskimo floe
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    Ophidian Caverns
    The EQMS Life

    My life had it's ups and downs, but I don't regret nothin'
    I had the whole Brittania high, ***** I ain't frontin'
    at GM I sold my first bag of scrolls
    used to stick sawed off heavy under the coat
    gettin' like 150k, a k of dons
    at GM man, a ***** just glad to be
    gettin' some shorts, me and my Man from Bucs and Vesper
    he knew some Magicinian niggas that wanted a clique
    to hold 'em down, shoot niggas in the head
    throw 'em out windows if they were late with the bread
    basically I'm enforcin'
    around heavy scrolls, when nobody's lookin' I'd be dippin' in the portion
    they wasn't missin' it
    so I got my hustle on the side, flippin' it
    sellin like 500 relics and PS
    Niggas...niggas just ain't built like me...
    stand up niggas...since GM
    I been servin' fiends and loadin' explosions...
    takin' shots, throwin pots..burnin' blocks..
    this ain't no fuckin' rap.

    Everything was everything 'till my Girl got ganked
    she had a shoot-out with POWER in front of the titans
    other than that, I went from enforcer to movin' product, straight white
    scrolls now, gettin' it
    the hardest ***** in the street
    my first mount was a 525 Nightwolf with Vaton saddles
    buyin' out the bar at the West Brit Bank Rooftop
    I had a few spots
    one called the Deceit Balrons
    where I was gettin' like 250k a brick
    2 or 3 bricks a week, makin' mothafuckas sick
    my Purple Cousin Archersnon a crook from the Brook was torchin'
    any niggas whisperin' or talkin' 'bout extortion
    shit was goin' right and only one better
    when I got my New Magicinian connect, hittin' me with pure quicksilver
    moved to East Brit, started seein' real dinero then
    empire buildin', the shit was takin' flight
    had my purple bitches cuttin' up like 100 Trin a night
    mixin' EB rails, ganks, and gangbangs
    I was the first Purple ***** with mafia ties
    leased my soul to GluttonySDS with the option to buy

    Yo..bangin' for real..
    niggas is thinkin' rap, I'm thinkin' laundromat..
    we washin' this money...
    you think this shit is about rhymes...
    you'll find yourself under the fuckin' ground...you know?..
    we get low when the staff is in town..
    this is justice..
    we playin' the pop charts and still lettin' them things pop off...

    At Legendary Tamer I was a legend, had the game transformed
    controllin' manufacturin' and distribution of PS
    throughout the Fel-state, high stakes
    I spent Hundreds of Thou's out of paper bags
    you couldn't name a mount I ain't have
    every minute new tags
    WW, Mares to the One-Two drop on Wu Wu, *****
    I was givin' away blocks *****
    fast mounts, fast money, slow deaths
    this things of ours
    had me doin' a hundred miles an hour
    through the City on a red, evadin' the Orange
    started this shit called the counsel and we all made a pledge
    not to fuck each others bitches
    or touch each others riches
    on top or broke
    never break this oath
    every ***** in the counsel was a boss
    we used to put coke on our dick and make bitches suck it off
    it was alright 'till I got statted,
    charged with an being too fucking hard for Trammel,
    behind Lord Britishs' steel gates
    if I was different I'd cry like Silly fucking Santa
    what would you do if you got Millions with niggas and they had no love for ya?
    couldn't pay for my head,
    I figured shit, why sit in a cell to rot?
    I'll be blue in 8 hours per count, start over again
    throw those boys in the pot, but I couldn't do it
    you couldn't understand it if you ain't been through it
    there's rules to this shit and I couldn't break 'em
    death before dishonor 'till I meet Satan...I know he's waitin'.

    God forgive me...you've never seen a ***** like me in your life...
    I'm what these lil' niggas rap about...
    thats me they talkin' 'bout in they rhymes...
    I did that time...I flipped that dime...
    shoot-outs, RDAs,champs, and metas...
    The Life...love it.