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  • Can you unban me from discord please? It makes it super hard to buy or sell anything without it. I was banned like 6-7 months ago and I don't even know why so I quit. I just came back today and would very much like to use discord. Thank you.
    hey eppy its Silky. Can you msg me back in game or forums or discord. Discord is Hobajeba#8640 I sent u a Friend Request.
    I need help I lost my login info when my computer died in aug. I'm a donation player and I'm in fourums can you send my info to my email please?
    Hey eppy. This is Cutlass, i go by Brian on Forums. Not seeing any MOTM drops on tmap spawns. Please look into that please and thank you
    I'd like to suggest that you guys bring back the Lamp Post Puzzle ( Doom Lever Puzzle) It's a really fun group activity, it gives theives more legit things to do & is alot more fun than just buying a lamp post off of the gold sink vendor. You could also spawn other rares in the hidden room to get using the puzzle. I Guarantee you would get an awesome response from the players!
    Good afternoon! Prompt game works, because I am, after starting the game can not connect to the server, 21,07,2015, I decided to sign up and play you in the north. Help solve the problem
    You might have... a virus in you system ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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