Young Player Hunting

Skye Wolfbane

Governor of Trinsic

Meet with Companions and other veterans who like to help each week on Sundays for a dungeon/hunting party for Young and New Players.

Gather at 8 p.m. est at the elder hall near the West Brit Bank and we will begin the hunt.


We will provide some gear if needed. Newer players, who may not be "young" are also welcome to join.

Join us in voice chat on the UOF discord in the General Hangout channel.

And a reminder, Young players can chat in-game directly to companions by typing [c and then your question or comment.
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Skye Wolfbane

Governor of Trinsic
Yes we do this every Sunday night (barring some exceptions). However, it is now a shard wide thing hosted by Companions.
I will update the post.