Where do most people chill these days?

Hey guys. Old Napa player here. I have established players in UO F here but it has been a LONG time since I played.

I used to hang around Brit GY and Buccaneers den back in the day. Where is most of the population now days? Reinstalling now and looking to make some trouble :)
Also, I have logged back into all of my characters but they are frozen and I see an email verification? Problem is, I type in an email, it took roughly 30 minutes to get the verification, I tried entering my email again and using the code but it now says invalid. Do I have to enter an email, stand there frozen for 30 minutes waiting for the verification code and then enter it all in one sitting? thanks!


Staff member
Welcome back home! Ensure to join our discord and link your account so you can see all channels! People are all over the place these days, crafting at the Britain crafters, hanging at west Britain bank and in the graveyards.

https://discord.uoforever.com Join our discord!