UOF Wiki Spectrum Secure Connection Failed


Hello all-

So similar to many of you I had been having some issues with getting my UOF Forum and Wiki pages to open. The message being produced when attempting to navigate to them I would bring my to something similar to the below depending on the browser I was using. I attempted Chrome/Firefox/Edge.

I did some general troubleshooting just to try to figure out where it was blocking me from. I found out that I could access the forum and wiki from my cellphone. I also hotspot from my mobile to my laptop (that was experiencing the issue) and then I was able to access both the forum and wiki. If I used my cell internet I could access both, but if I switch over to wifi on my phone both would be block.

After digging around and trying different troubleshooting the below is what I utlimately found out about my situation, which did end up correcting my issues 100%. This doesn't mean it will correct other Spectrum users as I feel each of our situations and setups are going to be different. I would just tell you check your various sources of internet security to try to find out what is block.

Below after logging into my Spectrum account I noticed I had Security Shield enabled (I honestly had no idea Spectrum was offering me this).

From the screen below you will get after opening your Internet serveices through Spectrum, Under Security Shield it showed 4 threats were blocked. I hit View All, low and behold uoforum.com was listed as a blocked website. I then had to contact spectrum directly for information as the account page didn't allow me to disable. I was also unable to disable it via accessing the modem/router. The representative disabled this feature for me and instantly both the forums and wiki began to work again.

So I know disabling your Security Shield through Spectrum is far from ideal for everyone. I do not use this feature and had no idea I even had it. It was however the thing that was causing my issues.

In working with Shane to diagnose through this, I was able to submit to spectrum a ticket to remove the security shield block on the uoforum.com, but this removal can take up to 5 days assuming they even approve it.

As another work around you can also access the wiki via your phone as well. I hope to post their answer to my URL block removal request when they get back to me.

I know this might not work for everyone, but hopefully for some it will help.