Trying to make new account (help)

Joey Golden

Hey all, I am looking to play again as I haven’t played in about 5+ years, all of my accounts have been deleted I’m sure, as I cannot remember the password to the accounts I do have a couple of the usernames but it doesn’t allow me to log in.

I thought you just make a username and type a password and that creates an account. However it isn’t working for me, is there something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated looking forward to playing again.

Also when I do get back on, if anyone can help me out with some starter stuff to build some chars up that’s be great, is there still a decent population here?

Thanks in advance, for any info/help!


Welcome to UoF!

Most of the conversations are in discord as mentioned by Shane above. You need to link your discord to your game account as well that may be why you're having trouble. You can also access the password reset here:

The Wiki has a plethora of information for getting started and Discord is always a great place to ask questions to fill in the blanks.


Joey Golden

thank you for the info appreciate it, i was able make some new accounts, just gotta link my discord then will be good :)