Everyone seems to like the RDAs. How about something that is similar and opposite to it. You get a Rift Crystal and it actives a Rift. Creatures start to come out of the rift. For instance, it could start with smaller monsters and move up to larger ones, culminating in a boss. The ones that deal the most to the boss get the PS and possible relics and such. A different set of monsters could mean just like in RDAs where you could get nice things like a Crab/Mantis/Dragon egg and so on. Maybe even nightmares and swamp dragons could pop out or other unique monsters. Also just like a Mysterious gate could open after a monster kill, a rift could open anywhere and start pouring out monsters.

Just an idea, thoughts?


Staff member
We actually have had something like this before but it was implemented rather poorly at the time. I have always loved the idea of Rifts.