Raffle - Private Buccaneers Island + Custom 30x30


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All month long in July we will be running a raffle for a private Ageless Buccaneers Island House.
Island Comes with a custom built 30x30 house.
The winner can choose to have a blank plot if they wish.
In addition to the plot the winner will get a private island that they can lock down items and decorate themselves! But wait there's more!
The lucky winner will also receive an ankh, stable master, public moongate, and a militia vet.

Tickets cost 100 donation coins or 40k gold coins each.
You can purchase tickets by typing [raffles , or you can visit Aleron the Lord of Raffles next to West Britain Bank.
Raffle will end August 1st.


You can visit the island by using the green portal at WBB. Beware!!! - Although this area is open to the public, it is NOT a safe zone. Be mindful of any rapscallions that may be lurking in the area. Staff recommends not bringing anything valuable to this area. The house will be transferred to a fresh instance once the raffle is over. Afterwards, no one but the winner will have access to the island.



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