Pet Battles - Brutes & Beasts w/ FAQ



On the second Saturday of each month, the doors to the Pet Battle Arena swing open, awaiting challengers!​

Come show the ENTIRE server just how wicked your pet is!​

You can find RULES & DEFINITIONS, clarity on pet types & categories, and the list of past winners

--> HERE <--​


1. Where is this? How much does it cost?

An hour prior to starting, event gates will open at banks in all major cities! You can also get to the arena via the moongate by WBB gold sink vendors.

The cost is 25k PER PET

2. How do I know what pet I can participate with?

Check out #player-events in the official UOForever Discord for any official determination - otherwise, I highly encourage everyone interested in participating to hit up #pet-battles to discuss this.