lich necro buff?


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are there any plans on buffing the necro lich, i was excited to finally get to lvl 6 on my necro only to be disappointed by the performance of the lich. i would like to see them have the same behavior as skeletal archers and stay ranged. instead they run up and go melee and last only a few hits. then you have to wait 10mins to summon another one. plus essentia tap doesnt heal them. liches should be the upgraded version of the archer but with how weak they are, its not worth the time to use them.

here are the changes i would like to see.
1. essentia tap heals for a little when it procs. reduce the mana given to balence it out.
2. reduce the time to summon to 5mins. 10 is a little bit much.
3. make them cast spells at a distance.


Staff member
We will revise it at some point for sure. I believe i chatted with you on discord, we'd have to take a look at the numbers specifically as we haven't had many complaints about it honestly.