Bard Build New Skills or Talismans or Whatever!


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I was playing with one of my char today an Archer Bard.

and was thinking that it might be a Good idea or at least would be fun to play if the Bard was more of a support build with some extra skills.

As far as i can tell the current party composition for a boss fight would be:

A tammer with a robust Creature for TANK and HEALING
A tammer with a deadly creature for max output DPS
A meta Mage for DPS and eventually healing if needed
Optional a zerker or archer as DPS

and that's pretty much it...

I was thinking in some way of creating some talismans for full bards as they have great potential for group buffs.

Today bards have only Peacemaking, discordance, and provocation as primary skills which in my opinion makes not much difference in some cases after all you will provoke once, use discordance once, and try to do some minor damage with your weapon.

it would be nice to have some things like "songs":

Song of Resonance (active relic)
increase casting speed or dex by 10% while the bard is playing

Song of Restoration (active)
Increase the normal healing speed (ticks while you stand still) by 3x or something

Melody of confusion (Passive)
Increase the dodge rate for the party by 5%

Song of the Pure hearted
Increase armor for the party in 10-20.

As far as ideas come this is it but is just some ideas that need to be refined and balanced.
But i think it would revive the Bard as a Bard not as a tammer assist skills.

What do you guys think?


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I'm not saying it is not efficient.

Was just wondering if we could get more from the Bard skill or possibilities.
I see for example that discordance is an insane skill that could be more useful and stuff
maybe instead of a target skill make it an AOE skill or something.
i mean... is just for fun...