WTT 30x30 maybe...?


I’m not really expecting to make a deal and get rid of my 30 x 30 but recently I have been thinking about it. This is not an auction or anything this is merely me just gauging interest and entertaining offers. For the record my 30 x 30 has all of the storage upgrades which totals 5 million gold on the gold sink vendor. No spawn or blockage. I’ll add a pic soon.

If you really want to get my attention offer to trade me a castle plus gold/items. And I mean a lot of gold. Not 5 million but closer to 30.

I’m a curious person. Send out some offers. I will entertain them.




Very north of Vesper. Designed by Fay. It looks better if you show up in person. Hard to capture the full beauty of a 30x30 on small screen shots.
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I don’t think I’m gonna sell. I’ll probably take thread down. The thought of moving my items out of my house horrifies me