1. Tony-

    Server update - Tons of Talisman Relic updates, Rogue Talisman Provisional update, and more.

    Provisional Rogue Talisman Update In preparation for some incoming rogue talisman changes we are moving away from the kill for xp. To a permanent XP like the other talisman. In the meantime until April 15th levels will be based on kills or levels but you will gain permanent XP. After the...
  2. Tony- - Classic Housing upgrade, Talisman Dye, and Crafting Achievement Fixes.. & More

    Container Engraving Tool This will allow you to add label messages to your containers in your house. It can be refilled with gold wax This will be available soon at the gold sink vendor. Previous Aesthetic Relics were unable to be applied, and now should be fixed. Fixed the Clilocs for...