1. Nokins

    Fast GM+ Animal Taming 11-23-2023

    With this guide you can GM+ taming within a day or two of normal play. Like 8 or less hours of play. We have shared this with several people and they have found the great benefits of it with out having to spend 80+ hours trying to level it or millions of gold buying scrolls. Please enjoy. A...
  2. Decoy

    WTS 120 Animal Taming PS - S/B 16.5M - SOLD

    S/B 16.5M B/O 19.5M B/I 100K Ends 24 hours after last bid or if B/O is met.
  3. S

    WTS Animal Taming 120 PS

    Price: 20m No Trades, No negotiation PM me to buy
  4. Cosmi-K-Rino


    Discord / Cosmi-K-Rino#9367 --------------------------------------------------------------- Molten Relic - 3.2m //// SOLD Ex Valorite Warhammer (Vanq +25) - 800k or swap for spear/katana Newbie Blessed Tunic w/ Reptilian Slayer - 400k Quest Vanqs x30 - 200k Skill Scroll Cabinet - 400k ---- Mini...
  5. C

    WTS Selling 120 Taming Scroll

    Wanting to sell a 120 Taming Power scroll for 17 million.
  6. C

    WTS 120 Animal Taming For Sale

    Selling 120 Animal Taming scroll for 17 million
  7. SidX

    WTB Donation Coins and Taming SSs

    Buying Donation Coins at 160k/1k Buying Taming SSs at 220k/ea Please PM me with your stock, thanks!