1. BoPeach

    WTS Ravager Statue

    WTS a ravager statuette (Hue 0) s/b 700k b/i 50k
  2. Decoy

    WTB Halloween purple and orange statues!!!

    Please let me know if you find any purple or orange colored statues off of Halloween evil spirit mobs!! Especially interested in: purple lich (alien variant), orange daemon (small ones).
  3. Decoy

    New statues patch

    I've made a patch that can be applied via the mulpatcher utility to update the art file with the 6 new statues. This is in case you don't want to download the latest artwork file from the launcher and overwrite your existing fancy patches (though it may be worth doing in order to see new areas...
  4. GoldKnight

    WTS closed