1. BoPeach

    WTS Ravager Statue

    WTS a ravager statuette (Hue 0) s/b 700k b/i 50k
  2. BoPeach

    WTS Halloween Purple Titan Statue Hue 1378 - Newer Artstyle

    a titan statuette Hue 1378 (Halloween purple) Newer Titan Statue artstyle SB 500k BI 25k Ends 24 hours after last bid. Cheers!
  3. U

    WTS Barnacle Seahorse Statue

    Here is a nice rare drop from the summer dungeon so it does not drop anymore. There is not many out there, very large nice and pixel!! You can also turn it either direction. Current bid is at 3.5m Please go in increments of at least 100k Auction will end either 48 hours after last bid OR...
  4. roxju6

    WTB the following statues

    Snow Ele Balron Gazer Evil Mage Ettin Terathan Warrior message me on disco - Stevenson#8266
  5. G

    WTS Christmas Green (Hue 1272) a earth elemental statuette

    600k S/B 3M B/O Auction will end 04/17/2019 at 10PM EST unless it's bidding chaos at which point it will end 24 hours after the last bid. Happy bidding!
  6. Decoy

    WTS Purple Cupid Statue (Hue 1918) - SOLD

    This was recently sold to someone and then traded to me for a different hued Cupid Statue which was in my possession. This is possibly 1 (or maybe 2) of a kind hued Cupid statue. I am not aware of anyone else who has a Cupid Statue that looks like this one: S/B 1M B/I 100K Ends 48 hours...
  7. roxju6

    WTS Character Statue Maker

    S/B 1.5mil 100k increments B/O 2.5mil Auctions ends 12 hours after last bid
  8. Darksaber

    WTS Blaze Ratman statue!! SOLD!!

    Blaze Ratman Statue Starting bid 1.5m Bid Inc: 100k Bidding Ends 48 hours after first bid! (6:48pm cst Jan 1st) Good luck!
  9. T

    WTS Male and Female Human Statue Set

    SB - 100k Increments 25k Buyout : 400k Auction Ends 24 Hours after last bid.
  10. roxju6

    WTS Christmas Green Dragon Statuette

    s/b 1mil b/o 2.5mil 100k increments Bidding ends 24 hours after last bid.
  11. T

    WTS Fallon Arcane Demon +Lich+Ogre

    Fallon Arcane Demon - RARE Lich + Ogre Bonuses! Starting Bid - 250k Increments - 50k Buyout - 1.25M
  12. roxju6

    WTS Fallon Demon Statue Set

    Offer in PM or on discord please
  13. I

    PC Medusa

    Price check plz on statue dropped from Gorde titles ‘Medusa’ please and thanks
  14. uopercival

    WTS Event Boss Drop - Idol of the Mad Cow King statue *SOLD*

    For your statue collecting pleasure: one of a kind, hue 2075. SB: 5M BI: 1M BO: None Auction ends 24hrs. after last bid. Thank you and happy bidding.
  15. M

    WTS Summer Blue Dread Spider Statue - Auction

    This auction is for a summer hued dread spider statue. Bidding will end 24 hours after last bid. 2m starting price, and incriments of 100k please Post here for bids or message me on discord, ajm123
  16. Kears

    WTS Pink Cyclops Statuette

    not one for pink stuff, putting up for auction to the right owner. s/b 800k inc 50k b/o 2mil ends 24 hrs or when i feel bid price is at it's peak. thanks.
  17. JDXM

    WTS Pink Troll Statue - Auction

    Hiya folksies...another statue up for grabs, this time a funky pink troll! Starting bid: 1m Bid increments: 100k+ Buyout: None Auction ends 24 hours after last bid, good luck! Edit: Starting Bid lowered to a more modest (read: realistic) 500k :)
  18. Funnypants

    WTS Paralytic Hue Dragon Statue

    S/B - 1.5m B/I - 100k B/O - 3m Auction ends 48 hours after last bid Get this cute guy for your collection now!
  19. Funnypants

    WTS Character Statue Maker - Hunting Contract Reward

    Great way to show off how awesome you are to anyone who walks past your house. S/B - 2m B/O - 4m Bid increments - 100k Auction ends 24 hours after last bid.