1. Decoy

    WTS Rose Box - Auction (S/B 999K) - SOLD

    Very nice-sized drop from the Spring dungeon. 2 tiles long and very tall! S/B 999K B/I 100K Auction ends 24 hours after last bid. Some additional notes: - No parts of it can be dyed (tried using a normal dye tub) - You need to use an axe on it to return it to a deed form. - Can't walk...
  2. BoPeach

    WTS Spring Herbal Beard Dye (Hue 2547)

    Taking offers on Spring Herbal Beard Dye Hue 2547 *** This was not a drop *** Confirmed by Fay is it a beard dye
  3. Amalgam

    Gazer Spring Season

    Little is really known about the breeding habits of a gazer. Once spawned in huge numbers, such sights are long past. What is known is that springtime brings out the males - and a particularly wet start to the season means that the gazers have had longer to develop. Does this mean we might...