1. BoPeach

    WTS Glass Wings - 8 Year Anniversary - Hue Polar 1665

    WTS 8th Anniversary Glass Wings rare boss drop. Hue Polar 1665 S/B 2M B/I 100K
  2. Decoy

    WTS Giants Invasion Drops

    Loot crates (2) - 175K each Golden harps (4) - 200K each Poprocks (several) - 25K each Red/Green Deer/Bear masks - 300K each >>> SOLD Muddy pants - 250K Lucky boots - 300K Booger boulder - 300K >>> SOLD Lucky boulder - 500K >>> SOLD Beacon of sovereignty - 500K >>> SOLD Titan's hammer - 400K
  3. Nanashi

    WTS Bald Eagle East Facing Staue

    SB: 500k BO: 5mil Closed. Arizona time was behind a few minutes. congrats Hash for winning the mount!
  4. roxju6

    WTS Handouts, Rares, Deco

    Make any reasonable offers here or to Stevenson#8266 for any individual items or sets of items Please do not ask me how much for any items, make an offer! ALREADY SOLD: holly jolly torch white sash all Pink Easter chests Rose in a vase Ethereal Dyeing Deeds 2x santa's cape sold ( 1 left) 1x...
  5. Hildr'Valkyrie

    WTB Green Large Glowing Beetle Spring Dungeon Rare

    I do not respond to messages here contact me on discord @BalrogFrog - Paying 300k -
  6. Hildr'Valkyrie

    WTS Partial Ranger Armor Suit for Very Cheap and Other Items

    I do not respond to messages here contact me on discord @BalrogFrog SOLD
  7. Todd Hiltz

    Lets see your Minoc Invasion rares

    Curious to see what kind of rares dropped at today's Minoc undead invasion... My finds were Boys Lunch Tote(hue 1176) and Golden Apples . Show us your finds from the invasion
  8. Todd Hiltz

    What is considered rare and what is not...

    When I played back in 1997 and on, I remember picking up static rares and then I stumbled upon stealing rares. So now how does one determine what's rare and how rare it is? Has the community cataloged anything yet? I read a post by Shane when they announced that a bunch of rares would now become...
  9. GoldKnight

    WTS closed

  10. Cosmi-K-Rino


    Discord / Cosmi-K-Rino#9367 --------------------------------------------------------------- Molten Relic - 3.2m //// SOLD Ex Valorite Warhammer (Vanq +25) - 800k or swap for spear/katana Newbie Blessed Tunic w/ Reptilian Slayer - 400k Quest Vanqs x30 - 200k Skill Scroll Cabinet - 400k ---- Mini...
  11. SidX

    WTS Come visit The Vesper Trading Co.!

    Come visit The Vesper Trading Co.! Visit UOF's largest vendor mall, stacked high with 42 vendors full of hundreds upon hundreds (probably thousands) of items! Stealable Rares | Full Kegs | Bulk Reagents | Legendary Repair Deeds | Bulk Recalls x10, x100 | Runebooks | Barbed Armor Sets |...
  12. SidX

    PC on Lots of Stealables, Rares

    Looking for a PC on these stealables / other rares (POST 1 of 2): 1. Seaweed 2. Flower Garland 3. Dirty Plate 4. Charred Goat Carcass 5. Frosted Mug 6. Blood Stained Basin 7. Bloody Water 8. Gold Ingots 9. Potted Cactus (short) 10. Potted Cactus (tall) 11. Closed Barrel...
  13. SidX

    A Proposal for the Return of Stealable Rares

    Hi folks.. I didn't want to make this too long but I assure you I believe it's worth a few minutes of your time. For TL;DR, scroll down to the bottom for my proposal. I'm returning to UO:F after a pretty long time away and primarily play a thief. When I played in the past my primary income...
  14. MadNezz

    WTS Rare blue "skulls on pike". SOLD

    sb 500k inc 50k bo 1mil Auction ends 48 hours after first bid.
  15. Oaks

    Spicing Up Stealing & Stealth

    Stealing Ideas: More functionality other than taking player items. Monster Rares - Either normal or MOTM mobs can be stolen from for a chance to get unique items or aesthetics. Dungeon Artifacts - Pulling one from other expansions here but it would be nice to see this implemented. These could...